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We've selected some very talented DJ's to profile. Since the DJ is really the first link of a club records success their opinions should be respected. Todays technology has made it easy for anyone to buy the gear and push a few buttons and call themselves a DJ. True DJ's eat, drink and poop music. They began with vinyl records on Technique 1200's.  Their music library was stored in milk crates not external hard drives. Their cuepoints were chalk lines on the record so they had to be precise. As the profession grew we saw DJ's using body parts in the shows and contests.  If you look cloely at the Hip Hop Honors video you can see me on the right side of DJ Grandmaster Flash and I shot the DJ Kid Capri video. Enjoy.

We pay homage to the DJ's but we have chosen to spotlight a few from  around the world for you to know and experience. Enjoy.